Caliber of Players

I’ve talked to a few players since and they are evenly divided on the subject. I feel it was the right play for the situation but the ones that disagreed did so because of the caller in between. Though the caliber of player that the caller was (obviously since they first called $41.00 and then all in and couldn’t beat KTo) I still believe it was right to push. So, like the title says, sometimes you just have to gamble and not be afraid to shove the chips in the pot with a lot less than the mortal lock nuts if you’re going to beat this game.

Turn 5 (does not complete flush)
He checks this website again very slowly and deliberately. I actually hollywood it a bit and think to myself while I shuffle chips (how much will he call?) I take about 10 seconds and decide to bet a reasonable bet. I put out $50 in chips. Now he pounces like a cat and raises. $100.00 more. He only has about $150 left behind ( I eyeballed it I didn’t want to ask and tip him off) I give it a quick countdown on my chips leaving what I would have left if I call the $100 and do some quick superficial counting of my chips and set him all in. He calls and proudly tables his AA. No river help and I stack him off.

I check, bully bets $41.00 (no, I’m not joking, he bet $41.00 into a $6.50 pot) and then the unthinkable happens, the calling station player calls the $41.00 in between us. Now, this guy (the bully) is so FOS that the calling station could have anything from a 6 to a worse King, to spades to a pocket pair above 6’s and at this point may certainly have me beat. I decide that there are only 2 courses of action that are acceptable here, push or fold. I decide that its more likely that my hand is good than not good, let alone getting odds to shove here, i decide to shove it in. Bully calls and so does the calling station. Board bricks off with no spade or other pair on the board and lo and behold my Kings hold up for a $296.00 pot. Anyway, Glad tonight is over. Was one hell of a ride though. Good luck and see you at the tables.