How To Become a Pro Player

I’m actually glad it didn’t exist, ’cause I would never have graduated college. (Justine laughs) – But you would have because basically, you go to class and you come here and play games and then it just all works out. – Yes and by the way, if you can see, they actually have a stadium, that’s where the people play and they are competitive, college eSports is legit a thing. – I was talking to Paul and he gave me a quick little tour and these kids actually have scholarships. League of Legends scholarships so hey guys, you know what, tell your parents, this is where you need to go. – You’re not wasting time, tell you folks, you’re learning how to get free college. – I love it, this is so cool. So, what games have you been playing? – A lot of Overwatch, a lot of Diablo 3, season 10 just came out. – I was so obsessed with Diablo 3 years ago. – [Alex] It’s so much better. – Really? – No, they fixed everything that you though was wrong with it when it first came out is so much better, it is addictive. –

So, are you saying I should go back to Diablo 3? – Yes I am! Stat, stat! One of my characters has 200 hours of game time, one of my characters. – Is that from recently or from previously? – Its cumulative. (Justine laughs) – But it took me a day and a half to get to 70 in season 10. – [Justine] Wow, wow, wow! – You gotta come back! It’s great. – Okay, good because … – And they’re gonna come out with the Necromancer soon. – I basically have not put down my Nintendo Switch, I was gonna bring it with me, but I was like, I’m not going to be able to play it and drive, so yeah that should be really fun. But yeah, oh my gosh, Diablo 3, oh my goodness. I’m having flashbacks. – [Alex] Do it, do it. – It was a while ago, when it first came out. –

I know, I know and they fixed so much stuff, like the loot system is so much better, it’s crazy, just try it, you’ll thank me. – Okay, perfect. (Alex laughs) Have you played any Switches? Did you get a Switch? – I haven’t gotten a switch. ’cause I’ve got an Xbox One, I’ve a PS4, I’ve a Wii, I didn’t get the Wii U, I never play them. I play Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and then whatever new computer game that’s out. – Let me tell you, man, the Switch is so great. It’s so great. – I know and everybody says that, everybody says that. I think I might have to get one. – I think you’re gonna have to. Honestly, in Zelda it’s such an incredible game that (stutters) I’m speechless, you guys already know how much I played it. – Plus I have a Tesla. (Justine gasps) So I gotta find som