Mastering Double Split

We can’t double split in Canada I try hard double split and worked horribly for hitting him but now we got an eight with two twos plus a 4 this is third-grade math and that turns into 18 now I did bust on the previous hand but since I split I now have $50 on the table and the dealer is going to do exactly what I did with the first hand and all that work just turned into a tie turned into a push a push is not that situation that was more of you know I won one hand and lost one hand and it turned out even a push is when the dealer and you both have a hand over 17 and it totals the same besides if you have a 21 and the dealer has a blackjack a blackjack technically is the first two cards in your hand turn out to be 21 you can split tens and get this is very nice hand this guy has an 11 to the right of me now should he double versa 10 a 10 is a very scary number. Read more about double split and other casino techniques at CasinoSlots.

He has big balls he gets rewarded with the 21 two tens come out and I get a push as I was saying we both had 20 he was even money I got my money back they got their money and we’re all happy a push is better than a loss obviously when you have a 20 you kind of expect the win that’s not always the case and as long as we’re not losing it’s always nice to have a positive attitude on the blackjack table and the chart is right there just look over this chart if you’re ever having any doubt while playing blackjack and this is looking very nine six or the dealer is the weakest card for the dealer to have and unfortunately I got a 16 that yellow card means that they got a shuffle the deck they split it in half so there’s not rolled my god this guy split his tens which you pretty much never do and thank God he did because the dealer would have drew ace and she would have had 17 I would have had 16 so we were too lost the dealer is gonna draw an 814 24 she busts very nice.

So the yellow card the yellow card is where they shuffle time where they changed the shoe a shoe consists of about eight decks and they do this to prevent people from counting cards it makes it really difficult to actually get a true count on the cards because it’s only half of the decks or half the cards and you you can’t really get a little whoo timber a little fail on the left-hand side of the screen that thing fell twice already anyways so counting cards I’ve tried it it doesn’t make blackjack fun doesn’t make it interesting I like having fun as you got to see we’re gonna have a bit more fun and I said hi youtube in the top left hand corner and she’s gonna freak out.