Roulette – the classic casino game

Roulette is a classic casino game that has the capability to calm even the most aggressive gamblers. This is one of the slower games you will see on online casinos. It attracts a more relaxed player. Some online casinos refer to it as the most civilized online casino game.

While the exact origins of the game are sketchy at best, it is known that it became a staple casino game somewhere in the middle of the 18th century.

Some say that this game is too calm to be popular in some countries. At Casino Party think differently. In the next section we will explain the two different types of roulette wheels, tips, rules and show you the best places to place your bets at roulette.

Top Online Casinos for Playing Roulette

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1. Casino Del Rio

Casino Del Rio lingers as one of our most highly touted online casinos to play roulette at for so many obvious reasons. Players at this online casino admire the fact that they have easy, secure access to all of their financial and gaming transactions from the time they first signed on! Free software is offered. Casino Del Rio provides exciting casino games with all the atmospheric pleasures of an actual land casino. Payouts average over 98%! You will love playing here too!


2. Monaco Gold

Monaco Gold Casino turns out winners like no other online casino! It’s known for it’s most steadfast winning hands online. This place has the best odds hands down! This online hotspot has the best entertainment value too, with more than 60 games to try your luck at , free downloads, friendly support and secure financial facilities.


3. Roxy Palace Casino (UK £)

Ask even the most discerning online casino gamblers where they like to place bets and they will surely tell you its here. Roxy Palace supplies its players top-notch Microgaming software. This online casino showcases almost 100 games including every table and slot game you could even want! New players enjoy a 100 % match bonus on their first purchase up to £50. With a 24/7 365 support team by e-mail or telephone you can’t go wrong! They are also famous for loyalty rewards and VIP programs.


4. CasinoLasVegas

Casino Las Vegas features all of the excitement and fast action of Las Vegas Strip casino right online! With more than 60 casino games and payouts averaging over 97% – you won’t want to leave Casino Las Vegas. Play roulette here!


5. CasinoKing UK

Just stop in at Casino King UK and you will quickly realize what it is like to be treated well while playing roulette. This online casino features customer support that is unparalleled. Casino King UK also provides £300 in free bonuses to all new players of it’s casino. Casino King is powered by Playtech software. They have generous 97.84% Payouts too.


Roulette Best Bets

Below you will be sure to find the best possible bets for playing roulette online or in a land casino. Whether you are a first-time roulette player or a seasoned pro, these tips will be sure to help. GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!

– Most casinos provide both European and American style roulette wheels. The difference is that European wheels don’t have the 00 (double zero) on the wheel. You always want to play the Europeans wheels when available. They have better odds without the 00.

 – Another roulette best bet is to never place the 5 number bet folks. It has the worst odds on the table.

 – Your best bet when playing roulette is the even money outside bet when surrender is available.