Testing a Game

Make sure you check what prizes can be won before you start playing. The prices vary considerably in size: most of them are fir cash but there are often alternative prizes such as new cars, electronics goods, etc.

Test a game first
Try to resist the temptation of jumping into a game without testing it first. You might find that the game you thought was really exciting turns out to be difficult and boring. We want your online Scratch cards experience to be fun and so we recommend you take some time to try out the three games before you start parting with your hard earned money.

Many of the Scratch card providers we recommend offer free play that gives you an indication of how the game will work out

Take profits and be cautious
If you find that you are doing well and making money, you quit while you are ahead. The problem isn’t a profit until it has been withdrawn and put into your bank account. It is very easy to start increasing the amount of money you spend on each Scratch card and then find yourself losing money at the end of your session.

The better long-term strategy is to discipline yourself to take profits when you are able and to reinvest the money into the next session, safe in the knowledge that you have been profitable and controlled. Reckless players really make any long-term money.

Stop when you’re tired
Stop when you’re tired
Even playing fun games can become tiring at some point. When you become tired, your judgment becomes compromised and you’re likely to make poor decisions. You are likely to regret it afterwards.

It would be better to start the game, take a break, and come back to it. Or abandoning entirely until another day.

Don’t get angry if you’re on a losing streak
It’s very easy to become frustrated if you are losing and are likely to feel compelled to invest more time in turning a losing streak into of winning one. This is likely to end in failure. Everybody has good days and bad days, and you’re losing streak is likely to change if you return to the online Scratch card session another day.

Maximise your budget
If you are a regular player of online Scratch cards you want to make sure that you have enough money left to playing in the future. That means you need to ration your budget to make sure you don’t blow it all in one go.