WWS Reveals the Mystery!

After managing to totally harf up the combat log recording in the early part of yesterday’s Kara run, I recorded our final attack on the Maiden of Virtue with WoW Web Stats.

There are some neat things you can isolate from the report (found here, for the curious).

For example, Maliata’s pet Ikktan has a total of 809 damage dealt to foes. Why? He died less than a full minute into the fight- shown by his ‘Present from-to’ stat at the top of his page. If we needed more confirmation, he only managed to hit Maiden fourteen times- over three minutes, that’s abnormally low, so we can conclude he died early. How? Well, he’s got In: Fire damage. He must’ve eaten an early Holy Fire for us. Poor, noble Scorpid.

What else can we derive? Well, Capnmurphy looks like he’s not performing up to spec, but a look at his total more detailed breakdown tells the true story. He needs better hit gear- 27% glancing and 22% misses means he just couldn’t catch the Maiden enough. He also used First Aid and his Healthstone intelligently- good work!

Unfortunately the Combat Log attributes lifebloom healing from the final ‘bloom’ to their recipient, not their caster; it’s easy enough to see, however, that I dropped Lifebloom on Cap’n a total of five times during the fight (blooming off for 1218 each time).

Third, you can see that I did some major healing in this fight; of the three healers, I outdistance the other two put together (moreso when you add up the roughly 35k+ in ‘uncredited’ bloom-explosions across the other players). Why am I so far ahead on the meters? Am I really that amazing?

No, not really. Sorry. Here’s the true story, though it takes a little digging.

Look at Asundar’s profile. He’s got physical damage on his damage in chart and an 88% uptime. That means he was for some reason not healing for 12% of the fight, and something was dealing him Normal damage. If you examine the fact that all his Normal damage appears to be coming from a friendly target… you can conclude that he had Blessing of Sacrifice on Beta. Was he awake the whole fight?

Well, yes. So why the 12% not-healing?

Examine Asundar’s Miscellaneous Applied: 10 Cleanses. That’s right, Asundar was in charge of removing Holy Fire.

So Asundar had 12% downtime (I think, but cannot prove yet, that WWS considers ‘downtime’ to be ‘time more than 1.5 seconds since you last healed someone’), and had his own work to do keeping people cleansed. Fair enough!

Why is Weedbull matching him?

Easy, check his uptime: 62%. Poor fella didn’t have a blessing of sacrifice to snap him out of Repentance, and did as well as he could, considering. Plus Earth Shield, like Lifebloom’s final ‘pop’, is logged to the recipient, not the caster- Beta has 14k+ of healing that was actually Weedbull’s fault.

So why am I so far ahead?

Look first at my detailed breakdown. I have a HPS time of 100%- there is not so much as two seconds during that entire 3-minute fight when I don’t have a heal blazing away somewhere. Those of you familiar with the Maiden fight will know what that means: I was never asleep longer than the duration of one of my HoTs. (in fact, I was never asleep longer than two seconds, but WWS doesn’t parse that information).

How could I pull that off? Look at my Damage In. I was not fighting at range- between the Repentances Her Maidenosity got off, I managed to take an additional 40 hits of holy damage. And yet I’m not completely crazy- Beta took almost 120 Holy hits that weren’t Repentance. Even if he took some hits from Holy Wrath (Maiden did manage to toss several of those!) I was taking far less holy damage than he was.

One can conclude (correctly!) that I flame-danced, waiting until I suspected another Repentance would come up before dashing into the Holy Ground for an early wake-up call. Risky? Maybe. Did it pay off?

Well yeah. We got her down. See? She’s got one death listed.

(Another contributing factor to my huge total healing: Check out the ‘lifebloom scatter’. I was tossing those things left, right and center. Some people got several, almost everybody got at least one).

So is there a point to this?

Yes. Learn how to log your combat. Learn from your fights! WoW Web Stats makes it easy to filter into pretty charts, but there are other ways of examining your combat log too. Read it. Learn from it. Adapt to what it tells you.

And props to Spizzle for never needing the attention of a healer. Well done, dude.

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